performance  | live music |  30 minutes  | 

Premiere: December 03, 2015. Webster's Living and Learning Centre, Leiden, Netherlands.

LONELINESS comprises an audio installation followed by four acts and a finale. Each act shows the interaction between a single actress and a musical instrument, either a bass, a guitar, a piano or a drum set. Altogether, the acts are designed to fit into each other as the pieces of a puzzle. After playing them separately, they come together in the finale, as a performance for four actresses and a rock band.

This work deals with the feeling of loneliness among global citizens today. Four aspects of it were identified by means of focus groups conducted with members of the expat community in The Netherlands: nostalgia, isolation separation and change. This insight was the prime material for the artistic production as a whole. After its premiere, this performance has been shown at the Leiden International Short Film Experience (2016) and the 2nd Online Performance Art Festival (2016) 


Loneliness was developed within the framework of the seminar 'Art and Social Engagement' at Webster Leiden, with the support of the Global Citizen Programme and the Department of Media Communications. This project was made possible by the generous aid of Hans Baaijens @ Ars Aemula Naturae, Lot Vegter @ ARTCO, Vivian Chinoa @ Expat Nest and the Music Club of the International Student Network ISN Leiden.