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The Keystone seminar at Webster Leiden: Art and social engagement

The Keystone Seminar is the culminating point of the Global Citizen Programme offered at Webster University worldwide. A number of thematic options are available for the students to explore matters of social relevance from a critical perspective. Art and social engagement is one of such themes.

The course Art and social engagement: How do the arts impact the world? has been associated to The Involved Stage since Fall 2015. In this incarnation of the Keystone Seminar, the students are encouraged to explore the political side of art through theoretical reflection and hands-on creative experience.

The first part of the course revolves around theories about art and social engagement (Bertolt Brecht, Augusto Boal, Chantal Mouffe and Alain Badiou among others), while the second concentrates on the production of a performance. This is done by the students in light of such theories and based on the skills they have acquired during their studies. In so doing, the participants address social tensions by aesthetic means.