Loneliness Blog

Production Processs

As with any project of reasonable size, this project was divided into several components. In our case, the workload was shared by four teams. 

  1. The executive production team was responsible for general planning and the procurement of resources. Aside from their executive position, they worked on the funding for the project.
  2. The community liaison team was in contact with the local community (in the case of this particular project, the expat community in Leiden). They conducted focus groups with local expats to gather stories relevant to the production.
  3. The artistic direction team worked hard to bring to life all the information gathered in the focus groups, that is, by means the actual theatrical production. This included contributions to the stage design and the performance itself.
  4. Finally, the media communication team was in charge of documenting and distributing all the information regarding the performance and its progress via the Internet. That included the creation of this website and a number of social media profiles.

These four teams combined made for the power-packed crew that created Loneliness, a performance that left behind good memories and food for thought for the Leiden community.

(Lotte, Media Communications Team)


Keystone Seminar

The Keystone Seminar is a class offered to Webster University students who are either in their third or fourth year of study. It aims to connect us with the community by using the skills we have acquired at school in the real world. Whether we realise it or not, art plays an immense role in our everyday lives. People often underestimate the power of the arts, be it visual art, performance art, music, film, dance or theatre. The arts can be seen as a key driver of social change, while social engagement also forms a fundamental motive for artistic expression. In this Keystone Seminar, we take a critical look at the processes of art production, the social involvement at the heart of theatre production, and the impact the arts have on multicultural settings.

(Lotte, Media Communications Team)

Welcome! A quick note on what we're all about

Art transcends cultural, social, and economic boundaries and opens up a space for discussion and communication. Art can be simple a child’s drawing or complex as some famous paintings in display at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. It certainly comes in many forms. Whether it is drawn, painted, sung, danced or acted out, art is human expression at the most basic level.

The Involved Stage is a performing arts project that aims to identify and address social issues by aesthetic means. Our class decided to take part in it because it fits our view of how art should be experienced: through interaction with the community. This blog aims to catalog the phases and progress of this Involved Stage project.

(Madeline, Media Communications Team)