The Involved Stage is a performing arts project that aims to identify and address social issues by aesthetic means. The idea is to deliver actual solutions to real problems at the heart of the community to which artists and audiences belong, in awareness of art’s potential as a mode of social engagement, yet attentive to the individual nuances of every collective experience. Therefore, the project will not try to involve the social aggregate in any committed theatricality, but on the contrary, it is to emerge directly from its promoters’ own social involvement. Concretely, the initiative proposes critical interventions based on performance and participatory art, whereby everyone involved can ponder and act upon her or his collective situation.

This initiative has been conceived within the framework of the course ‘Art & Social Engagement’, taught at Webster University Leiden as part of the Global Citizenship Programme. Consequently, the team is mostly comprised of BA seniors from this institution. According to their background (in management, psychology, international relations and media communications), the students will take over the tasks of liaising with the community, designing the artistic event, managing the project’s resources and implementing an effective communication plan. In this way, The Involved Stage serves the double purpose of contributing to the student’s education via critical reflection and practical training as well as contributing to the societal well-being of our own community.